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Alpaca Updates

  • Alpaca Data API: We are excited to announce the Alpaca Data API, a brand new data product to create the de facto standard market data offering for developers. It is available for all Alpaca users, regardless of having live trading accounts or country of residence! Pls check it out on the ProductHunt
  • Many people have asked about option trading. We confirm it is on the roadmap but not for 2020.
  • Someone asked about tax document on Alpaca' Slack: Your 2019 tax documents are accessible in your Alpaca Dashboard > Login > Live Trading > Account ... then scroll down through all the statement and trade confirmations the last one would be the tax document

Market News

  • Bloomberg accelerates launch of Data License Plus amid remote working - Bloomberg has fast-tracked the launch of its new data management service, Data License Plus (DL+), which looks to aggregate client data into a single dataset. In a statement, Bloomberg said that given the shift to working from home amid the global coronavirus pandemic it will bring the launch forward to offer clients access to Bloomberg Data License content from anywhere in the world [Source]
  • An AQR Warning and a 3,612% Return Fire Up the Black Swan Debate - Quants are vying to win back hearts and minds after defensive systematic strategies misfired in the virus-spurred meltdown while options-based alternatives stole the limelight. But AQR’s entry into this raging debate among real-money funds is timely [Source]
  • Cryptocurrency Hedge-Fund Survey Hints at Big Quant Disparities - Total AUM of crypto funds rose to more than $2 billion at the end of last year from $1 billion at the end of 2018, and the average per fund jumped to $44 million from $21.9 million, according to a survey from PwC and Elwood Asset Management Services Ltd., an investment firm specializing in digital assets. Of course, that was in a year where the price of Bitcoin soared 95% [Source]
  • Michael Hintze’s hedge fund hit hard by credit bets - A hedge fund run by billionaire trader Michael Hintze has suffered a second large fall in as many months, leaving it down roughly 50 per cent in what is shaping up to be its worst ever run of performance [Source]

Research Updates

  • Measuring Hope vs. Fear in the S&P500 News -  We measured two of these emotions — “hope” and “fear” — in news specifically about the S&P500 companies in early 2020. Powerfully, we can see news of hope battling it out with fear over the last months, but ultimately with hope coming out ahead [Source]
  • What is alternative data and how can quants approach it? The concept and term of alternative data is no news to the quant finance community, but there's still a lot to learn about how to leverage it. Saeed Amen, Co-Founder of Cuemacro, gets back to the basics to define alternative data, the types of it, and the challenges of working with it [Source]
  • Predicting Stock Trends Using Technical Analysis And Random Forests - This article looks at applying six common technical analysis indicators along with a machine learning algorithm to the top ten constituent stocks in the South African Top40 Index. The ten stocks analyzed were considered as our investment universe and were consequently used to construct an equally weighted index which served as our benchmark [Source]
  • What are the biggest new advancements in the field of quantitative finance in the last 10 years? [Source]

Job Updates

  • The big finance hiring during COVID-19 is not in banks - "The trading firms using algorithms to provide liquidity for hedge funds and asset managers have been killing it during COVID-19," says one headhunter who specializes in providing algorithmic trading talent. "They did a year's P&L in a month in March and they're almost all open for business and are looking to clean up on the talent coming out of other places." [Source]
  • Quantitative Analyst - Calypso - New York [Source]
  • Quantitative Research Analyst - Tower Research Capital - New York [Source]
  • Mid-Frequency Quantitative Researcher - Quantlab - New York [Source]

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