TradingView Webhook Integration by Community @PartTimeLarry & More - Alpaca Newsletter (May 6, 2020)


This is the third edition of the Alpaca Newsletter for Quants & Developers where we will update you on market & research as well as industry job openings and internships, along with Alpaca’s products and community developments.

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Tweet of The Week

We see increasing TradingView related inquiries, it is great to see that the dev community is building new tools using our integration with TradingView, and here is one by @PartTimeLarry If you are building something similar don't hesitate to share!

Alpaca Updates

  • Alpaca Member Introduce Yourself - Alpaca has a growing community. We thought it would be great to give the opportunity to others to introduce themselves. Click on here and join the community!
  • Alpaca Slack Channel - The Alpaca's Slack channel has been active the past week with discussions on margin account in the Q-and-A section among others.
  • TradingView Integration - Did you know? Alpaca is integrated with TradingView! You can use your Alpaca brokerage account to trade directly through TradingView's modern charts! (Alpaca paper trading works too!) Try It Now!

Market News

  • SocGen Traders Lost as Much as 200 Million Euros in Virus Rout - The losses at the equity unit took place in the first quarter and before April’s oil rout, and are likely to be cushioned by the bank’s performance in fixed income and currencies, said the people, who asked not to be named discussing private information [Source]
  • If You’re Bored You Can Trade Stocks - It is convenient that retail stock trading commissions universally went to zero late last year, making stock trading a more accessible hobby, but it does seem to have become a much more attractive hobby as other entertainment options were closed. 1  Also it has worked out well so far: The stock market is up 30% since its March lows. Retail investors have enjoyed, and helped cause, a huge rally [Source]
  • Which companies are most immune to the pandemic? Cash-laden firms in rich countries do best; and it helps not to be owned by hedge funds [Source]
  • The Growth And Future Of Algorithmic Trading - Algorithmic trading is amongst the most talked about technologies in the recent years. It has given trading Firms more power in the rapidly evolving markets by eliminating human errors and changing the way Financial markets are interlinked today. Read More about the current market trends here
contribution of algo trading

Research Updates

  • Online Portfolio Selection: Momentum - Momentum strategies have been a popular quantitative strategy in recent decades as the simple but powerful trend-following allows investors to exponentially increase their returns. This module will implement two types of momentum strategies with one following the best-performing assets in the last period and the other following the Best Constant Rebalanced Portfolio until the last period [Source]
  • How could Renaissance Technologies have near real-time prices on corporate bonds and other debt? [Source]
  • Causal Models for Regression - Regression is the most widely implemented statistical tool in social science. However, regression never reveals the causal relationships between variables but only disentangles the structure of the correlations. [Source]
  • What does it mean for something to become more gaussian? - I was reading something in which the author said: "the longer the maturity, the more and more gaussian the gamma of your option is". What exactly is the author trying to say in non-math terms and what does it mean to become more and more gaussian? [Source]

Job Updates

  • Data Analyst, Marketing - Reddit - New York, NYC [Source]
  • Quantitative Researcher - Flow Traders - New York, NYC [Source]
  • Quantitative Researcher - Jane Street - New York, NYC [Source]

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