Install Pylivetrader on Windows

Install Pylivetrader on Windows

Pylivetrader packages for Windows are hosted on our channel on Anaconda. To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Install the Python 3.7 version of Anaconda if you don’t already have it. You may be prompted to register an Anaconda account after installation.

  2. From your start menu, open Anaconda Prompt.

  3. Navigate into a development folder.

    mkdir alpacahq
    cd alpacahq
  4. Add the conda-forge, Quantopian, and alpacahq channels.

    conda config --add channels conda-forge
    conda config --add channels Quantopian
    conda config --add channels alpacahq
  5. Create a virtual environment with the necessary packages installed.

    conda create -n pylivetraderenv pylivetrader
  6. Activate your new virtual environment.

    source activate pylivetraderenv

Once you follow these steps, you should be able to run pylivetrader from the Anaconda Prompt terminal.

pylivetrader run --backend-config exampleConfig.yaml

You can reactivate this environment at any time by running source activate pylivetraderenv inside the Anaconda prompt.

If you encounter issues with setting your environment up, feel free to ask for help in our community Slack. A link to join is in the sidebar.