Trading Configurations #

The Configuration Object #

Sample Object #

  "dtbp_check": "entry",
  "fractional_trading": true,
  "max_margin_multiplier": "1",
  "no_shorting": false,
  "pdt_check": "entry",
  "suspend_trade": false,
  "ptp_no_exception_entry": false,

Attributes #

Attribute Type Notes
dtbp_check string both, entry, or exit. Controls Day Trading Margin Call (DTMC) checks.
fractional_trading boolean If true, account is able to participate in fractional trading
max_margin_multiplier string/number Can be 1 or 2
no_shorting boolean If true, account becomes long-only mode.
pdt_check string
suspend_trade boolean If true, new orders are blocked.
ptp_no_exception_entry boolean If set to true then Alpaca will accept orders for PTP symbols with no exception. Default is false.

Setting Margin Multiplier #

You can also set the margin settings for your users’ account by passing a PATCH request. By default any account with funds under $2,000 is set a margin multiplier of 1.0, and accounts with over $2,000 are set to 2.0.

PATCH /v1/trading/accounts/{account_id}/account/configurations

Request #

Sample Request #

  "max_margin_multiplier": 1.0

Response #

Response will contain the account configuration settings for the account.


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