Crypto Pricing API #

Please note that Alpaca Crypto Data is in beta - we welcome any feedback to improve our offering.

Alpaca provides crypto data from multiple venues and but currently routes orders to FTX.US only.

List of crypto exchanges which are supported by Alpaca.

Exchange Code Name of Exchange
CBSE Coinbase

Common behavior #

Base URL

The Crypto Data API provides historical data through multiple endpoints. These endpoints have the same URL prefix (omitted from now on):

This URL is the same for both subscription plans, there is no limitation

Authentication #

The authentication is done the same way as with the Trading API, simply set the following HTTP headers:


Limiting #

Use the limit query parameter. The value should be in the range 1 - 10000 (endpoints included) with 1000 being the default if unspecified.

Paging #

To support querying long timespans continuously we support paging in our API. If the result you have received contains a next_page_token that is not null there may be more data available in the timeframe you have chosen. Include the token you have received as the page_token query parameter for the next request you make while leaving the other parameters unchanged to continue where the previous response left off.

Ordering #

The results are ordered in ascending order by time.

Timestamps #

The timestamps for trades, quotes, and bars correspond to when a trade was executed or a quote was generated on the exchange or OTC desk.