Calendar #

The calendar API serves the full list of market days from 1970 to 2029. It can also be queried by specifying a start and/or end time to narrow down the results. In addition to the dates, the response also contains the specific open and close times for the market days, taking into account early closures.

Get the calendar

GET /v2/calendar
Returns the market calendar.


Query Parameters

Attribute Type Requirement Description
start timestamp
The first date to retrieve data for (inclusive)
end timestamp
The last date to retrieve data for (inclusive)
date_type string
Indicates what start and end mean. Enum: ‘TRADING’ or ‘SETTLEMENT’. Default value is ‘TRADING’. If TRADING is specified, returns a calendar whose trading date matches start, end. If SETTLEMENT is specified, returns the calendar whose settlement date matches start and end.


An array of Calendar object

Calendar Entity #

Example #

  "date": "2018-01-03",
  "open": "09:30",
  "close": "16:00"
  "settlement_date": "2018-01-05"

Properties #

Attribute Type Description
date string Date string in “%Y-%m-%d” format
open string The time the market opens at on this date in “%H:%M” format
close string The time the market closes at on this date in “%H:%M” format
settlement_date string Date string in “%Y-%m-%d” format. representing the settlement date for the trade date.
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