Transfers #

Transfers allow you to transfer money/balance into your end customers' account (deposits) or out (withdrawal).

The Transfer Object #

Sample Object #

  "id": "be3c368a-4c7c-4384-808e-f02c9f5a8afe",
  "relationship_id": "0f08c6bc-8e9f-463d-a73f-fd047fdb5e94",
  "account_id": "c8f1ef5d-edc0-4f23-9ee4-378f19cb92a4",
  "type": "ach",
  "status": "COMPLETE",
  "reason": null,
  "amount": "5000",
  "direction": "INCOMING",
  "created_at": "2021-05-05T07:55:31.190788Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-05-05T08:13:33.029539Z",
  "expires_at": "2021-05-12T07:55:31.190719Z"

Attributes #

Attribute Type Notes
id string/UUID The transfer ID
relationship_id string/UUID The ACH relationship ID (can also be bank_id in the case of wire)
account_id string/UUID The account ID
type ENUM.TransferType
status ENUM.TransferStatus
reason string (nullable) Cause of the status
amount string/decimal Must be > 0.00
direction ENUM.TransferDirection
created_at string/timedate Timedate when transfer was created
updated_at string/timedate Timedate when transfer was updated
expires_at string/timedate Timedate when transfer was expired
additional_information string Additional information. Only applies to wire.

ENUM.TransferType #

Attribute Description
ach Transfer via ACH (US Only)
wire Transfer via wire (international)

ENUM.TransferStatus #

Attribute Description
QUEUED Transfer is in queue to be processed
APPROVAL_PENDING Transfer is pending approval
PENDING Transfer is pending processing
SENT_TO_CLEARING Transfer is being processed by the clearing firm
REJECTED Transfer is rejected
CANCELED Client initiated transfer cancellation
APPROVED Transfer is approved
COMPLETE Transfer is completed
RETURNED The bank issued an ACH return for the transfer

ENUM.TransferDirection #

Attribute Description
INCOMING Funds incoming to user’s account (deposit)
OUTGOING Funds outgoing from user’s account (withdrawal)

Fixtures #

Transfer API supports fixtures in Sandbox Environment. You can pass the desired transfer status in the optional additional_information field when creating a transfer.

Attribute Description
QUEUED /fixtures/status=QUEUED/fixtures/
PENDING /fixtures/status=PENDING/fixtures/
REJECTED /fixtures/status=REJECTED/fixtures/
CANCELED /fixtures/status=CANCELED/fixtures/
RETURNED /fixtures/status=RETURNED/fixtures/
APPROVED /fixtures/status=APPROVED/fixtures/

Sample Fixture #

Simulating a rejected account.

  "additional_information": "/fixtures/status=REJECTED/fixtures/"

Creating a Transfer Entity #

POST /v1/accounts/{account_id}/transfers

Create a new transfer to an account to fund it.

In the sandbox environment, you can instantly deposit to or withdraw from an account with a virtual money amount. In the production environment, this endpoint is used only for requesting an outgoing (withdrawal) wire transfer at this moment. For the wire transfer (in production), you need to create a bank resource first using the Bank API. For more on how to fund an account in sandbox please check out this tutorial here.

Request #

Sample Request #

  "transfer_type": "ach",
  "relationship_id": "<relationship_id UUID>",
  "amount": "500",
  "direction": "INCOMING"

Parameters #

Parameter Type Required Notes
transfer_type ENUM.TransferType
Sandbox currently only supports ach
relationship_id string/UUID
Required if type = ach
The ach_relationship created for the account_id here
bank_id string/UUID
Required if type = wire
The bank_relationship created for the account_id here
amount string/decimal
Must be > 0.00
direction ENUM.TransferDirection
timing ENUM.TransferTiming
Only immediate
additional_information string
Optional - Applies only to wires
Additional wire details

Response #

If successful, will return a newly Transfer Entity.

Retrieving All Transfers by Account #

GET /v1/accounts/{account_id}/transfers

You can query a list of transfers for an account.

Request #

Parameters #

Attribute Type Notes
direction ENUM Optional - INCOMING, OUTGOING
limit int Optional
offset int Optional

Response #

Returns a list of transfer entities ordered by created_at.

Deleting a Transfer #

DELETE /v1/accounts/{account_id}/transfers/{transfer_id}

Request #


Response #

204 - Success (No Content)

Error Codes #

404 - Transfer Not Found