Changelog #

2021-06-14 #

Non-Breaking Changes
  • Added a new field execution_id in SSE for trades updates (/docs/broker/api-references/events/#trade-updates).

2021-05-21 #

Non-Breaking Changes

2021-05-18 #

New Features
  • Added the ability to liquidate positions based on percentage.
  • Introduced MFA to Broker Dashboard

2021-05-12 #

Breaking Changes
  • Imposed status check on from_account and to_account when performing a JNLC and JNLS.

2021-04-09 #

New Features
  • Added new endpoint POST /v1/accounts/{account_id}/documents/upload to allow you to add documents to an existing account.

2021-03-19 #

New Features
  • Added PATCH to accounts endpoint to allow you to edit account after creating them. Note that not all fields are patchable, for more info please click here.
Non-Breaking Changes
  • Added new fields to the response of GET /v1/trading/accounts/{account_id}/account endpoint.

2021-02-25 #

New Features

2021-01-20 #

New Features

Legend #

Breaking Changes

A breaking change is a change that would require you to go back to your integration with Alpaca and make some changes to ensure the continuity of service to your users.

We will all do all that is possible to make sure that we do not push any breaking changes. In all cases, we will communicate those changes before they take effect.

Example of breaking changes can be, but not limited to:

  • Changes to required parameters
  • New ENUM values

Non-Breaking Changes

Non breaking changes are soft changes to existing functionality. Those changes have been tested against the current version of Broker API and has been cleared for release.

We will likely communicate those changes after they’re made.

Some examples to those can be:

  • New optional parameters to API endpoints
  • Removal of optional parameters to API endpoints
  • Addition of new fields to existing endpoints

New Features

Those are considered to be completely new functionality enabled by Broker API.