Crypto Activities #

Crypto Fees #

Alpaca stock trading remains commission-free, where crypto trading includes a small fee per trade dependant on volume. See the below table with volume-tiered fee pricing:

Tier 30d Trading Volume (USD) via Trading API via Dashboard / OAuth
1 0 25 bps 25 bps
2 >500,000 22 bps 22 bps
3 >1,000,000 20 bps 20 bps
4 >5,000,000 18 bps 18 bps
5 >10,000,000 15 bps 15 bps
6 >25,000,000 13 bps 13 bps
7 >50,000,000 10 bps 12 bps
8 >100,000,000 8 bps 12 bps

The crypto fee will be charged on the credited crypto asset/fiat (what you receive) per trade. Some examples,

  • Buy ETH/BTC, you receive ETH, the fee is denominated in ETH
  • Sell ETH/BTC, you receive BTC, the fee is denominated in BTC
  • Buy ETH/USD, you receive ETH, the fee is denominated in ETH
  • Sell ETH/USD, you receive USD, the fee is denominated in USD

To get the fees incured from crypto trading you can use Activities API to query activity_type by CFEE or FEE. See below example of CFEE object,

    "id": "20220812000000000::53be51ba-46f9-43de-b81f-576f241dc680",
    "activity_type": "CFEE",
    "date": "2022-08-12",
    "net_amount": "0",
    "description": "Coin Pair Transaction Fee (Non USD)",
    "symbol": "ETHUSD",
    "qty": "-0.000195",
    "price": "1884.5",
    "status": "executed"

Fees are currently calculated and posted end of day. If you query on same day of trade you might not get results. We will be providing an update for fee posting to be real-time in the near future.

For latest information regarding crypto fees see our Crypto FAQs.