Trade Through Your Browser

This example works with both paper and live trading.

How to get started with trading in your browser

Alpaca is making it easier to trade stocks programmatically, by providing modern REST API, but it can be a bit of work to set up your programming environment before you can begin playing with API. When setting up your environment, there are a lot of complicated ecosystems to choose from. In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up a Google Colab notebook so you can start trading using your web browser and not have to worry about various coding language environments, code editors, or opening a terminal. You can start trading with Alpaca API instantly after getting API key and have powerful tools to analyze and visualize data to help you make your trading decisions.

This tutorial explains:

  • What is Google Colab
  • What is Alpaca API
  • How to set up a Python 3 notebook
  • How to install Alpaca Python SDK
  • How to get your account information
  • How to submit an order
  • How to use get_barset()
  • How to draw a candlestick chart using the get_barset() endpoint

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