Step by Step Tutorial Videos

Here are some great tutorial videos created by Alpaca community.

Paper Trading with the Alpaca API

Larry walks you through how to call API in python in 15 mins from setup to submit an order.

Configuring Heroku Application to Run Alpaca Algos For FREE!

Marcin puts together how to set up Heroku to host your algorithm with Process Scheduler.

Simple python database and algotrading

Patrick demonstrates how to build a trading algorithm using AlphaVantage data and Alpaca API.

Run a Stock Trading Bot in the Cloud using TradingView webhooks, Alpaca, Python, and AWS Lambda

Larry presents a great tutorial on how to build a trading bot in the Cloud using TradingView Alerts, webhook hosted in AWS Lambda, and send order to Alpaca triggered by signals.

Alpaca Youtube Channel

Also please check out Alpaca’s Youtube channel.

How to Submit Trades - Alpaca