Supported OAuth Apps #

Alpaca works with many ways to trade! We pride ourselves in enabling many partnerships and allow our users to customize and automate their trade flow. We are constantly working on new ways to enable you to trade. If you are looking to build applications with Alpaca API and OAuth 2.0, please read OAuth Integration Guide to start building.

Integrated with Alpaca #

Check out Integrations page to see the full list of apps that work with Alpaca through OAuth 2.0

  • TradingView (How it works): Connect with TradingView and unlock advanced charting to trade. TradingView is loved by more than 11 million active traders globally.
  • Blueshift (How it works): Write trading strategies on this web-based backtesting app to backtest them and run them in live trading instantly.
  • Streak (How it works): No coding but wanna do algorithmic trading? No problem if you use Streak. Streak supports over 300 thousand traders globally doing 27+ million backtests.
  • QuantoRocket (How it works): Research and trade automated strategies with this professional-grade platform that caters to data-driven quants, featuring multiple backtesters and easy deployment to the cloud.
  • Tradetron (How it works): Allows you to build algo strategies without coding and allow others to subscribe your algos in their own linked brokerage accounts automatically.
  • Arcade Trader (How it works): Originally designed for hedge funds, Arcade Trader gives you access to advanced algorithmic trading research tools.
  • Zapier (How it works): Connect to thousands of apps to automate your trading flow. Join the community of more than 3 million people that rely on Zapier.
  • Slack (How it works): Quickly manage your Alpaca brokerage account right inside Slack. With simple commands, you can have AlpacaBot get your orders and positions, and you can even tell it to place orders for you.
  • (How it works): A no-code machine learning SaaS helping traders apply machine learning to their investment strategies in order to predict the profitability of their next trade.
  • Algo Bulls (How it works): Make use of powerful features like Live Trading, Paper Trading, Backtesting, Strategy Customizations, Python Build, and much more directly from the website or Android App.
  • Trellis (How it works): Build a trading bot without code, connect with social integrations, and compete against other users in both paper and live trading all free of charge.
  • (How it works): A no-code machine learning SaaS, helping traders apply machine learning to their investment strategies in order to predict the profitability of their next trade.
  • Breaking Equity (How it works): Use custom-built, backtested algorithms to buy, sell, and short multiple asset classes with extreme precision and speed that remains unmatched by humans.
  • Composer (How it works): Create hedge fund-like dynamic strategies with a no-code visual editor. Browse and modify strategies from a growing collection of ready-made strategies.
  • Algorum (How it works): Platform that makes it easy, affordable, and reliable for quant and algo developers to develop, backtest, deploy, monitor, and manage algo trading strategies using .NET Core and Python.
  • Wealth-Lab (How it works): Create and backtest trading strategies with or without code using Wealth-Lab’s drag and drop web builder. Use their desktop platform for additional technical and fundamental analysis features.
  • Passiv (How it works): Connect your brokerage account to build a passive investment strategy and manage your portfolio without the need for spreadsheets and manual calculations.
  • Alexa (How it works): Teach your Alexa a skill that will allow you to place trades through your Amazon device.
  • Zoonova (How it works): Connect your Alpaca brokerage account with Zoonova for free access to AI and machine learning tools for the financial markets with real-time market feeds.

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