Trading API #

Trade stocks & crypto with Alpaca’s easy to use Trading API.

Up to 4X intraday & 2X overnight buying power. Short selling. Advanced order types. All packaged and delivered through our API.

Trading API Reference #

To get started with Trading API, read through the Getting Started guide.

Paper Trading

Paper trading is free and available to all Alpaca users. Paper trading is a real-time simulation environment where you can test your code. You can reset and test your algorithm as much as you want using free, real-time market data.
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Account Plans

Anyone globally can create an paper only account. All you need to do is sign up with your email address. Alpaca also offers live brokerage accounts (with real money) for individuals and businesses plus crypto accounts.
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Crypto Trading

Alpaca offers crypto trading through our API and the Alpaca web dashboard! Trade all day, seven days a week, as frequently as you’d like.
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Understand orders

Our Trading API supports different order types such as market, limit and stop orders plus more complex ones.
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Fractional Trading

Fractional shares are fractions of a whole share, meaning that you don’t need to buy a whole share to own a portion of a company. You can now buy as little as $1 worth of shares for over 2,000 US equities.
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User Protections

We have enabled several types of protections to enhance your trading experience.
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