1. Log in to your Alpaca Account.
  2. Select Banking from the dashboard menu and click Link Bank Account.
  3. A message regarding Plaid, our third-party vendor for bank authentication services, displays. Review the information and click Continue.
  4. Choose from the list of major banks or enter your bank name into the search box.
    NOTE: We currently only support ACH transfers for banks appearing in the search box*
  5. Enter your online banking credentials (User ID and Password) and click Submit.
  6. Select the bank account to be linked and click Continue. A message indicating the bank link was successful will display in the upper right corner.
  7. Refer to Deposits/Transfers to your Alpaca Account for instructions on initiating an ACH deposit from your linked bank account.

*A message stating “No results found” will display if your bank cannot be located. If this occurs, refer to Linking Your Bank Account - Micro-Deposits.

*Maximum ACH transfer allowed is $50,000 per day.

NOTE: BMO/Harris Bank partners with Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC), Alpaca's clearing partner, to process all ACH transactions.