Q - Where can I find my tax documents?

Your 2019 tax documents are accessible in your Alpaca Dashboard > Login > Live Trading > Account.

NOTE: If you hold more than one account with Alpaca, you will need to log in to each account separately to access the associated tax forms.

Q – Who will receive tax documents?

All accounts with reportable activities within the tax year will receive documents.

NOTE: Tax documents will not be provided if you did not sell any securities during the tax year, or the proceeds from your dividends did not exceed $10.

Q - How can I correct my cost basis that is reported on my 1099:

If the cost basis information that is reported on your Form 1099-B is incorrect, you can report a correction to the IRS using Form 8949.

Q - Can Alpaca provide assistance with my 2019 tax reporting?

No. Alpaca does not provide tax advice of any kind.

If you have specific questions regarding your Form 1099 tax documents or general tax questions, we recommend you speak with a tax professional.

Q - What if I have more questions?

Refer to the lists of helpful links provided below.


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Questions? Contact support@alpaca.markets.

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