Order Examples

This page contains examples of some of the things you can do with order objects through our API. For additional help understanding different types of orders and how they behave once they’re placed, please see the order page

Place New Orders

Orders can be placed with a POST request to our /v2/orders endpoint.





















Submit Short Orders

Short orders can also be placed for securities which you do not hold an open long position in.











Use Client Order IDs

Client Order IDs can be used to organize and track specific orders in your client program.






Submit Bracket Orders

Bracket orders allow you to create a chain of orders that react to execution and stock price. For more details, go to Bracket Order Overview

























Submit Trailing Stop Orders

Trailing stop orders allow you to create a stop order that automatically changes the stop price allowing you to maximize your profits while still protecting your position with a stop price. For more details, go to Trailing Stop Order Overview

















Get a List of Existing Orders

If you’d like to see a list of your existing orders, you can send a get request to our /v2/orders endpoint.





























Listen for Updates to Orders

You can use Websockets to receive real-time updates about the status of your orders as they change. You can see the full documentation here.