Logos #

Alpaca’s Logo API serves uniform logo images for select stock and crypto symbols.

Note: For Logo API pricing details, reach out to [email protected]

GET /v1beta1/logos/{symbol}

Path Parameters #

Attribute Type Required Notes
symbol string
Stock or crypto symbol (e.g. AAPL, BTCUSD, etc.)

Query Parameters #

Attribute Type Required Notes
placeholder string
True by default, will return sample placeholder images with the first letter of the asset symbol. If false, 404 will be returned for symbols which do not contain an image.

Sample Request #

curl --location --request GET 'https://data.alpaca.markets/v1beta1/logos/BTCUSD' \
--header 'APCA-API-KEY-ID: <KEY>' \

Note: The endpoint requires authentication to return images files

For crypto symbols append USD at the end, such as BTCUSD or ETHUSD.

Sample Response #


Note: The API response will return the raw image as a binary

Logo Image Specification #

All logo images served follow the following specs:

  • PNG format
  • Square 300 x 300 pixels

Placeholder images #

Not all stock tickers have a proper logo, for which we provide simple placeholder images. See sample below.


By default Logo API will always serve a placeholder image for those that don’t exist. If you would rather have the endpoint return a 404 when the resource does not exist you can use the placeholder query parameter.

curl --location --request GET 'https://data.alpaca.markets/v1beta1/logos/ABCD?placeholder=false'

Sandbox environment #

You can test the logos API in the sandbox environment.


However, in this environment only the following logos are available:

  • AAPL
  • AMZN
  • F
  • GE
  • META
  • MSFT
  • NFLX
  • NVDA
  • SPY
  • TSLA

For any other symbol, you will get a placeholder only.

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