Portfolio History #

The portfolio history API returns the timeseries data for equity and profit loss information of the account.

The Portfolio History Object #

Sample Object #

  "timestamp": [1580826600000, 1580827500000, 1580828400000],
  "equity": [27423.73, 27408.19, 27515.97],
  "profit_loss": [11.8, -3.74, 104.04],
  "profit_loss_pct": [
    0.000430469507254688, -0.0001364369455197062, 0.0037954277571845543
  "base_value": 27411.93,
  "timeframe": "15Min"

Attributes #

Attribute Type Description
timestamp array of epoch int (in seconds) time of each data element, left-labeled (the beginning of time window)
equity array of number equity value of the account in dollar amount as of the end of each time window
profit_loss array of number profit/loss in dollar from the base value
profit_loss_pct array of number profit/loss in percentage from the base value
base_value number basis in dollar of the profit loss calculation
timeframe string time window size of each data element

Getting Account Portfolio History #

GET /v1/trading/accounts/{account_id}/account/portfolio/history

Returns timeseries data about equity and profit/loss (P/L) of the account in requested timespan.

Request #

Parameters #

Attribute Type Required Notes
period string
The duration of the data in number + unit, such as 1D. unit can be D for day, W for week, M for month and A for year. Defaults to 1M.
timeframe string
The resolution of time window. 1Min, 5Min, 15Min, 1H, or 1D. If omitted, 1Min for less than 7 days period, 15Min for less than 30 days, or otherwise 1D.
date_end string/date
The date the data is returned up to, in “YYYY-MM-DD” format. Defaults to the current market date (rolls over at the market open if extended_hours is false, otherwise at 7am ET)
extended_hours boolean
If true, include extended hours in the result. This is effective only for timeframe less than 1D.
since_midnight boolean
If true returns the current day of portfolio history

Response #

The requested portfolio history object


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