Build Apps/Services with Alpaca

Thank you for your interest in building your project using the Alpaca API! Please read through the following FAQs before submitting the form.

You are welcome to begin development using Alpaca’s API documentation at any time. In addition, you can visit this guide to learn more about connecting with OAuth. We appreciate your understanding that brokerage API integration support, such as features that are not currently in our documentation, is currently available by invite-only. Please complete the form once you are ready to move forward or have any questions about building your project using the Alpaca API.

Rest assured that our team actively reviews all inquiries and will reach out to you once we are ready to move on to next steps. We understand that forms can be a bit tedious (we’ve also been in your shoes before!), but your response will be extremely helpful to us in determining next steps and in supporting your request.

We look forward to working with you!


  • Q: I have some general questions about Alpaca and your product offerings and/or API. Where should I begin?
  • A: Please click here for our general FAQs and here for our documentation.

  • Q: Who can integrate with the Alpaca API?
  • A: Alpaca can support a large variety of businesses and developers that need brokerage services to offer trading and investing capabilities to their users. Our API supports many use cases, with a high level of customizability that allows you to curate solutions that fit your needs.

  • Q: Does Alpaca charge for commercial usage of the API? What are the terms and conditions?
  • A: Good news - we currently do not charge fees for commercial usage of our API! You can find our terms and conditions here. Once you are ready to launch, please reach out to us via the request form to sign the API Agreement.

  • Q: I’m developing an app/service targeting non-US users. Can we integrate with Alpaca’s API?
  • A: Anyone around the world can build on top of the Alpaca API. At this time, paper trading is available worldwide.Brokerage integration for Non-US opportunities are determined on a case by case basis - please reach out as we would love to hear about your project!

  • Q: I have a request for a feature that is not listed in the API documentation. How can I request a feature?
  • A: We’re always working on building a lot of exciting stuff here at Alpaca and the team continues to collect feature requests. Please submit the request form and include your use case/request to help us determine next steps.

* This is not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to open a brokerage account.

Suggestions or questions?
We're always happy to hear from you. You can contribute to these docs on GitHub, or you can join our Community Forum or Community Slack to get help from other community members and the Alpaca team.