Issues & Questions

There are generally two types of questions and issues that you may come up with when using Alpaca.

When you are running scripts calling the Alpaca API and find a potential bug, you probably have tech-related issue that you want to report or ask about. If you are reading the API documentation and you have no clue how it works, you probably have tech-related questions. However, if, for example, you are having a difficult time linking your bank account to Alpaca, then you have a brokerage-related issue.

Due to regulations, tech-related and brokerage-related issues are handled differently at Alpaca. For this reason, we have clearly distinguished our support lines for tech and brokerage. Because Alpaca is at the crossroads of financial services and technology, some questions and issues may seem relevant to both technology and brokerage operations. By detailing our support channels, we hope to help users understand where to go for different types of questions and issues so that they may resolve them as quickly as possible.


If you are wondering why your brokerage application is stuck in processing, or if you are having trouble depositing money to your brokerage account, please visit Getting Started (Alpaca Securities LLC) of Alpaca Resources, or reach out to us at By law, we must have licensed representatives handle such brokerage-related issues and requests.

Questions and issues that often arise include trouble linking a bank account, updating an address on file, and correcting erroneous information provided during onboarding. If, for example, you are having trouble getting your API key to work (check out our tech-related support channels, getting support from the community members on Alpaca Slack, or reach out to us at

Alpaca Resources

If you have questions about certain terminology or how Alpaca’s business works, please see Alpaca Resources. For example, you can find information about pattern day trading, wash sale, tax-reporting as well as code examples and use cases with Alpaca API.

Forum & Community Slack

If you are looking for a community to voice your questions and discuss certain issues, please visit our forum or our community Slack. For general feature and/or enhancement requests, check out the Feature Requests category in the Alpaca Forum.

The community consists of both experienced users and beginners. We have set up a variety of topics for users to discuss. Join in on the conversation and find relevant topics around trading, market data, Alpaca product, programming, trading personal projects, and more!

Since most of brokerage-related issues can be solved only by Alpaca’s brokerage operations team, you will want to contact the brokerage operations team directly by sending an email to Brokerage operations team members are not permitted to answer questions or provide support on our forum due to regulatory reasons.


In addition to the Feature Requests category in the Alpaca Forum, if you are wondering why some API features that you think should be there are not there yet, you may find others who also thought about the same thing. If you are stuck with a bug and did not get any answers in the community Slack, you may see how others have found the same issue.

The Alpaca API GitHub repository is the place for you to file API feature requests and issues you are experiencing. Users can see what issues others have encountered and contribute their own experiences in the comments section of the reported issue. Users can also view and comment on requested features.

If you have technical issues specific to one of our client SDKs, please file the issue directly in the relevant SDK GitHub repo.

Lastly, please note that the GitHub repository is not a good place to report or find information regarding Alpaca’s business or FAQ. Instead, you’ll want to visit Alpaca Resources, which includes general FAQ, code examples, use cases, and more.


If you want to read more about Alpaca’s product announcements and newsletters, please check out Alpaca Blog.

Service Status Page

Alpaca keeps posted about ongoing status of the service here. If you are unsure whether the service is working as expected or not, please check the latest notices on this status page.

In the case you are experiences issues specifically to your account, or have further questions, please email to

Suggestions or questions?
We're always happy to hear from you. You can contribute to these docs on GitHub, or you can join our Community Forum or Community Slack to get help from other community members and the Alpaca team.