Alpaca for Slack #

Alpaca for Slack is the official Slack integration for Alpaca. It allows you to manage your Alpaca portfolio from any Slack community where it’s installed. It’s already available in our community Slack - just type /alpaca help there to get started.

With Alpaca for Slack, you can quickly manage your Alpaca brokerage account right inside the chat window. With simple commands, you can have AlpacaBot get your orders and positions, and you can even tell it to place orders for you.

The app is already installed in our community Slack. If you’d like to add it to another workspace you’re in, just click this button to get started!

Usage #

Before you can use the app, you’ll need to authorize it to use your account. You can get started with the command /alpaca connect. Here’s a list of commands that you’ll be able to use once you’ve authorized the app.

  • /alpaca account: Display your account information.
  • /alpaca order: Submit an order.
  • /alpaca orders: Display your open orders.
  • /alpaca orders cancelall: Cancel all of your open orders.
  • /alpaca positions: Display your open positions.
  • /alpaca position symbol: Display your open position in the given symbol, if one exists.
  • /alpaca orders closeall: Close all of your open positions.
  • /alpaca connect: Refresh your authorization with Alpaca for this application.
  • /alpaca disconnect: Revoke your authorization with Alpaca for this application.