Account Activities#

Get Account Activities#

BrokerClient.get_account_activities(activity_filter: GetAccountActivitiesRequest, max_items_limit: Optional[int] = None, handle_pagination: Optional[PaginationType] = None) Union[List[BaseActivity], Iterator[List[BaseActivity]]]#

Gets a list of Account activities, with various filtering options. Please see the documentation for GetAccountActivitiesRequest for more information as to what filters are available.

The return type of this function is List[BaseActivity] however the list will contain concrete instances of one of the child classes of BaseActivity, either TradeActivity or NonTradeActivity. It can be a mixed list depending on what filtering criteria you pass through activity_filter

  • activity_filter (GetAccountActivitiesRequest) – The various filtering fields you can specify to restrict results

  • max_items_limit (Optional[int]) – A maximum number of items to return over all for when handle_pagination is of type PaginationType.FULL. Ignored otherwise.

  • handle_pagination (Optional[PaginationType]) – What kind of pagination you want. If None then defaults to PaginationType.FULL


Either a list or an Iterator of lists of

BaseActivity child classes

Return type:

Union[List[BaseActivity], Iterator[List[BaseActivity]]]