class str, secret_key: str, paper: bool = True, raw_data: bool = False, url_override: str = None, websocket_params: Optional[Dict] = None)#

This is a WebSocket client which allows you to streaming data from your trading account.

Learn more here:

If using paper keys, make sure to set paper to True when instantiating the client.

async close() None#

Closes the websocket connection.

run() None#

Starts up the websocket connection’s event loop

stop() None#

Stops the websocket connection.

async stop_ws() None#

Signals websocket connection should close by adding a closing message to the stop_stream_queue

subscribe_trade_updates(handler: Callable)#

Subscribes to trade updates for your trading account.


handler (Callable) – The async handler that will receive trade update data.