Corporate Actions#

The corporate actions endpoints allow you to retrieve data for splits, mergers, and other corporate events.

Get Corporate Actions#

TradingClient.get_corporate_announcements(filter: GetCorporateAnnouncementsRequest) Union[List[CorporateActionAnnouncement], Dict[str, Any]]#

Returns corporate action announcements data given specified search criteria. :param filter: The parameters to filter the search by. :type filter: GetCorporateAnnouncementsRequest


The resulting announcements from the search.

Return type:


Get Corporate Action By ID#

TradingClient.get_corporate_announcement_by_id(corporate_announcment_id: Union[UUID, str]) Union[CorporateActionAnnouncement, Dict[str, Any]]#

Returns a specific corporate action announcement. :param corporate_announcment_id: The id of the desired corporate action announcement


The corporate action queried.

Return type: