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Trading API

Getting Started with TradingView Chart on Alpaca

Sasha Cotterell
Sasha Cotterell

Alpaca’s dashboard utilizes TradingView’s technology to provide advanced charting. The charting allows you to view real-time market data, personalize chart data, view multiple indicators and other tools for technical analysis.

Sign up for a free trading account on Alpaca

If you’re new to Alpaca, please follow the directions below to sign up for a brokerage account.  

Go to to create your account. Once you sign up, you will see the dashboard below. Please select either “Individual Account” or “Business Trading Account” to begin the onboarding process.

Select individual account to begin your brokerage application

How to search a symbol & view real-time data

Once you’re logged in, use the search bar to type in a symbol. You can do this in both paper trading and live environments. We’ll use AAPL in the live trading environment as an example.

Type the symbol in the search bar at the top of the dashboard.

Once you select the symbol from the search bar, the chart will display.

How to customize chart properties

You can customize the color of the chart, adjust the price source, change the chart labels, and more in the Chart Properties.

Select the settings gear at the top right to customize chart properties. 

From here you’ll see settings that allow you change price source, background color, and adjust labels.

How to add indicators to the chart

You can choose from multiple indicators including Relative Strength Index and Moving Average.

Select the indicators button. From here you will see a list of indicators to choose from. 

Once you select an indicator it will appear on the chart.

How to customize the chart type

You can easily change the style of your chart by clicking the chart styles button.

Choose from multiple chart types including bars, line, and candles.

Coming soon

In the coming weeks, Alpaca plans to roll out new feature updates that will expand on the current capabilities of TradingView’s advanced charting with Alpaca’s real-time market data integration. The upcoming features will add new functionality to the Alpaca trading dashboard by enabling the ability to place fractional orders, ability to place advanced order types like trailing stop orders, and second-level aggregate bars for deeper insights.


We’re here to help with a global support team. Speak to a member of our support team anytime, from anywhere around the world. For more assistance, please reach out to [email protected].

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