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A guide to linking to Alpaca in Breaking Equity: Tools for algo trading coming together

Alpaca Team
Alpaca Team

Please note that this article is for educational and informational purposes only. All screenshots are for illustrative purposes only. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not reflect or represent the views and opinions of Alpaca. Alpaca does not recommend any specific securities or investment strategies.

This article was written by Devin Crane, CEO and Co-founder of Breaking Equity

About Breaking Equity

Breaking Equity (BE) is an all-in-one automated trading investing platform.

Breaking Equity is integrated with Alpaca, the premier no-fee brokerage API.

With Breaking Equity and Alpaca combined, you can seamlessly build, test, and trade different automated strategies directly with your Alpaca account.

BE’s low-code interface keeps algo research and development tools simplified and accessible regardless of the level of trading and programming expertise.

Below, we outline the steps to link Breaking Equity to Alpaca.

Your credentials are never shared. Your account security is paramount to the integration, with only a token being exchanged between Breaking Equity and Alpaca.

Step 1: Sign up and Log into Breaking Equity

Sign up for a free Breaking Equity account and upgrade to a Basic or Professional Plan to enable Live Trading.  

Step 2: Open the Broker Integration Panel and Select Alpaca

Go to your Profile settings and open the “Brokers” tab. This will open up a panel with a list of various BE-supported brokers. Select Alpaca.

Click “Link Account.”

Review and accept the Terms of Service.

Step 3: Sign Up or Log in to Alpaca

This will take you to the Alpaca Login webpage. Enter your credentials if you’re an existing Alpaca user, or sign up for a new account.

Step 4: Authorize to Connect

Once you enter your email and password, an authorization page will pop up.  

Click “Allow” to grant BE permission to facilitate user-permitted trades directly within your Alpaca account.

That’s it! — the integration is now complete; you can deploy Algos with the best win rates to Alpaca and have it execute your trades.

Enjoy Algo Trading LIVE with Alpaca

Breaking Equity integration allows Alpaca users to live trade with either newly created Algos or selected from pre-built strategies available from a library of pre-built algo-strategies.

Breaking Equity’s simple algo builder makes it easy for every trader to automate any strategy by quickly combining multiple technical indicators. You don't need a programming or data science background to construct or analyze algos and their performance.

Now in a single platform, and with Alpaca’s integration, you can build, test, analyze, run and sell your automated trading strategies.

Breaking Equity empowers traders to take their algo-trading and automated strategies to the next level. You can use BE’s backtesting and paper trading engine to quickly eliminate or modify your screeners, entry and exit criteria, risk conditions, and trade time frames. Also, you may help protect your trades using parameters such as stop loss/take profit, max risk per day, and max trades per trade and understand each event at the transaction level.

Currently, Breaking Equity supports Stocks and Crypto trading. Options trading will be supported soon.

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Community Examples

Alpaca Team

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