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Use Cases

How to Integrate Alpaca with and Access AI/Machine Learning for the Financial Markets

Alpaca Team
Alpaca Team

Please note that this article is for general informational purposes only. All screenshots are for illustrative purposes only. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not reflect or represent the views and opinions of Alpaca. Alpaca does not recommend any specific securities or investment strategies.

This article was written by Blaise Labriola, Managing Partner of

About is a real-time stock/portfolio analytics web app that uses AI/Machine Learning and other analytics to allow a user to invest, trade, and track positions and portfolios directly on the Zoonova platform.

Users can easily create stock positions and portfolios using AI/Machine Learning, or any other investing method such as fundamental analysis, statistical analysis, technical analysis, factor analysis, regression, portfolio optimization, and more.

The graphics below outline the steps to link your Alpaca trading account with Your credentials are never shared and user account security is paramount to the integration, with only a token being exchanged between Zoonova and Alpaca.

It’s easy to connect Alpaca and Zoonova. With the integration, you can enjoy the power of the Zoonova web app and commission-free trading with your Alpaca account.

Suppose you already have an existing Alpaca account or just opened one. In this case, your free license offers access to sophisticated tools like AI/Machine Learning, advanced charting using AI/ML, real-time market data feed, performance, statistical, ratio calculations, what-if analysis, risk analysis, and more. offers individual investors access to analytical tools that aren’t typically offered except on expensive financial platforms. The Zoonova web app is a place to learn, compete, and level the playing field in today’s sophisticated financial markets.

Here are just a few examples of the sophisticated analytics offers:

Real-Time Stock & Portfolio Tracking

Track stocks and portfolios with a real-time market feed for P&L and many other outputs.

An easy interface for entering buy/sell orders using Alpaca

AI/Machine Learning to show how different stocks have high, medium, and low clusters for over 200 technical indicators

No need to learn how to read a chart with AI/Machine learning! The clusters, high, medium, and low, show how strong the pattern recognition is for a stock and its chart.

Portfolio statistical, financial, P&L, metrics, AI/Machine Learning, tear sheets, custom reports, on the stock position and portfolio level

There’s so much information that users can generate on the position or portfolio level.

Technical indicator charts with AI/Machine Learning for over 200 technical indicators and candlestick pattern recognition

When a user brings up a chart for a stock, the chart is displayed and also machine learning clustering calculates high, medium, and low, for pattern recognition of that stock. In addition, if other stocks fit the same pattern recognition they will be listed.

Technical Indicator Scan on over 200 Indicators using AI/Machine Learning

Users can tap into the lever selection to query stocks by technical indicators and candlestick patterns. The output is displayed in a grid with the stock predicted price/alpha from 1d - 1 year, along with alpha probability, charts, tearsheets, and reports.

Stock anomaly detection

An anomaly deviates from standard price movements. This module searches for such price anomalies and shows if they are bullish, bearish, and so on.

AI/Machine Learning for the Stocks in the S&P 500

Because Zoonova uses AI/Machine Learning, this sets it apart from any other stock application that currently exists. Users can tap into the AI modules to pick stocks and also create portfolios that can then be saved and monitored in real-time. All AI predictions are updated every day so the information can be used to make any adjustments to positions and a portfolio.

Stock sentiment analysis using AI/Machine Learning

Sentiment output can be Neutral, Positive, or Negative. Over 3,000 News Feeds are used to calculate AI/ML Stock Sentiment.

Real-time news from over 3,000 news feeds

All major news and social media feeds are covered and used in the AI model to calculate sentiment analysis for each stock covered. The newsfeed is supplied by IEX Cloud.

There’s much more that offers as a Free License to Alpaca users. Have questions on setting up your account or need help using the analytical tools offered? Reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Investing and investment strategies involve risk, including loss of value and the loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee future returns or results. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives. Please consider your objectives before investing.

Alpaca and ZooNova are not affiliated and neither are responsible for the liabilities of the other.

Use Cases

Alpaca Team

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