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Algorithmic Trading Basics

For Quantopian Community to Migrate: OSS On-Premise Platform Built on Quantopian's Zipline

Shlomi Kushchi
Shlomi Kushchi

***This post was originally posted on Quantopian's forum by Shlomi (please note that Quantopian's forum link may no longer work)***

***This post was originally posted on Quantopian's forum by Shlomi (please note that Quantopian's forum link may no longer work)***

Alpaca launches Zipline-Trader, an open-source on-premise trading platform built on top of Quantopian’s zipline

Hi Everyone,

As you know Quantopian are closing their services. Alpaca has been talking with the community to understand how to best support this transition and how to make it as smooth as possible.

This is why we are excited to announce that we are launching in a few weeks a version of Zipline called Zipline-Trader supporting multiple brokerages including Alpaca and IB in order to offer a suitable and sustainable replacement for users that want to run their algorithmic trading on their own using open source tools without relying on online services


The on-premise trading platform built on top of Quantopian’s zipline, Zipline-Trader is an open-source professional-grade platform for deploying Zipline strategies to live markets.

It is designed to be an extensible, drop-in replacement for zipline with multiple brokerage support to enable on premise trading of zipline algorithms.

Free Data Source with Alpaca Market Data API

Zipline-Trader supports Alpaca free market data API. Quantopian users will be able to continue using their previous zipline versions and leverage Alpaca Market Data API to trade live.

Market Data - Documentation | Alpaca
Alpaca API lets you build and trade with real-time market data for free.

Other Key Features

Free & Open-source: Zipline-Trader will always be free and developed as an open source project

  • Research environment: Develop your Zipline strategies interactively in the integrated research environment, with support for related Quantopian open-source libraries
  • Multiple Brokers: Execute your strategies with Interactive Brokers or Alpaca.

Read More

Zipline, a Pythonic Algorithmic Trading Library with broker integration - shlomikushchi/zipline-trader

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