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Trading API

Start Planning For Your Taxes Throughout The Year

Alpaca Team
Alpaca Team

Tax planning may get overlooked when it comes to personal financial management. As investors may think about taxes during the filing deadline in April. However, it’s very important to plan for taxes before then, particularly throughout the year, as the last thing you want when filing your return is finding out you owe thousands of dollars.

Reconcile - Integrate intelligent tax-experiences
Integrate intelligent tax-experiences

With Reconcile, you can get a head start on tax planning with a real-time dashboard.

You’ll now be able to easily:

- See an estimated tax bill so you can budget for your liabilities ahead of time

- Get tax-loss harvesting notifications to help you anticipate your bill before the December 31 deadline

- Find wash-sale risk warnings so you avoid disallowed losses from impacting your taxes

- View current positions with a simulated tax impact if sold at the market price

- Download a historical tax profit and loss report so that you can easily share with your accountant or filing software

- Chat with an AI or human tax assistant to answer your questions

Reconcile is a featured partner app within the Connect marketplace and is available to Alpaca Unlimited subscribers for free as an added perk. If you’re not an Unlimited subscriber just yet, sign up here so you can start planning for your taxes today!

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Alpaca Team

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