Alpaca Effectively Renews SOC 2 Type 2 Assessment, Strengthening Commitment to Data Security

At Alpaca, we are committed to building a stable, secure, and trusted experience for our customers and partners. As part of this ongoing effort, we’re pleased to announce that we have successfully renewed the SOC 2 Type 2 compliance assessment. This achievement further demonstrates our dedication to ensuring correct protocols and standards are safely in place for data security.

What is a SOC 2 Type Assessment?

Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), System and Organization Controls (SOC) examinations are industry standards that provide service organizations independent validation of the internal administrative, technical, and physical controls of their systems, procedures, and infrastructure.

SOC 2, in particular, defines the criteria for managing sensitive customer data rooted in five trust service principles which are:


Protection of the system’s resources against inappropriate use and unauthorized access.


Accessibility of the system’s products or services as mentioned by a contract or service level agreement (SLA).

Processing Integrity

Demonstrates whether a system can deliver complete, valid data accurately, timely, and efficiently.


Whether disclosure of information considered confidential is restricted to a specified set of persons or organizations.


Addresses if the system’s collection, use, retention, and disclosure of personal information conforms according to an organization's privacy policy and fulfills AICPA’S generally accepted privacy principles (GAPP).

Importance of Completing the SOC 2 Assessment

Renewal and completion of  SOC 2 compliance assessment indicates Alpaca has demonstrated the required design, operational controls, and principles to protect information and computer systems from unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure of information, and danger to systems that could compromise information or systems. Alpaca has attained the Type II report, which details the operational effectiveness of those systems and includes a historical element that shows how controls were managed effectively by the business.

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