Alpaca Partners with ErisX to Provide Market Access for Launch of Crypto Trading

Alpaca partners with ErisX to offer liquidity, execution, and custody

We’re excited to announce our partnership with ErisX. Eris Exchange and Eris Clearing, together ErisX, is a spot and regulated futures exchange and clearinghouse with Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO) registrations from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  ErisX provides crypto traders and investors a high-performance exchange and secured clearinghouse for crypto spot and futures trading, settlement, and storage. ErisX's comprehensive service powers Alpaca with direct market access, deep liquidity, reliable execution, and a complete clearing and custody solution.

Stable and reliable technology infrastructure

ErisX integrates cryptocurrency products and modern technology into reliable, compliant, and robust capital markets workflows. The ErisX solution borrowed building blocks from the traditional markets to provide trading, deposits, and withdrawals on a stable, and reliable technology infrastructure. With a regulated, highly liquid, and accessible offering, ErisX is improving the cryptocurrency space for institutional and individual traders alike.

“Alpaca’s API-first product appeals to developers and traders looking to leverage the power of its platform and partners to build high-performance trading strategies. By integrating with the speed, stability, and low-cost capabilities of ErisX for crypto order execution and clearing, Alpaca’s customers stand to benefit immensely from this partnership and we are excited to be part of this launch,” said Thomas Chippas, CEO of ErisX.

“ErisX has established itself as a leading venue for execution, clearing, and custody of cryptocurrencies. We are excited to collaborate with ErisX to provide our customers unparalleled access to rich liquidity sets in the market,” said Tarun Ajwani, VP of Partnerships at Alpaca

Benefits for Alpaca Customers

  • Same API, expansion of asset classes to trade with the addition of cryptocurrency*
  • Seamlessly toggle between your securities and cryptocurrency accounts
  • Commission-free access to the top cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
  • Secure and trusted custody and trading support

About ErisX

ErisX operates a high-performance exchange and secure clearinghouse for crypto spot and U.S. regulated futures markets. ErisX’s exchange offers a fully transparent order book and a low latency, high throughput platform, and maintains uptime and performance, even during market volatility. ErisX’s clearinghouse provides settlement guarantees and eliminates counterparty credit risk. Assets are segregated and protected, as required under Money Service Business and Money Transmitter Licenses and Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulations.

Licenses and Registrations

ErisX Futures are offered through Eris Exchange, LLC, a CFTC-registered DCM and Eris Clearing, LLC, a registered DCO. The CFTC does not have regulatory oversight authority over virtual currency products including spot market trading of virtual currencies. ErisX Spot Market is not licensed, approved, or registered with the CFTC, and transactions on the ErisX Spot Market are not subject to CFTC rules, regulations, or regulatory oversight. ErisX Spot Market may be subject to certain state licensing requirements and operates in NY pursuant to Eris Clearing’s license to engage in virtual currency business activity by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

About Alpaca

Alpaca is an API-first brokerage platform that enables developers to build apps and trading algorithms. The company’s platform powers fintech businesses globally to launch commission-free stock investing apps. The company is backed by some of the top investors in the industry globally including Spark Capital, Portag3, Social Leverage, Tribe Capital, Horizons Ventures, and Y Combinator.­ Securities services are offered by Alpaca Securities LLC. Crypto services are offered by Alpaca Crypto LLC.


Cryptocurrency is highly speculative in nature, involves a high degree of risks, such as volatile market price swings, market manipulation, flash crashes, and cybersecurity risks. Cryptocurrency is not regulated or is lightly regulated in most countries. Cryptocurrency trading can lead to large, immediate and permanent loss of financial value. You should have appropriate knowledge and experience before engaging in cryptocurrency trading. For additional information please click here.

ErisX and Alpaca Crypto LLC (“Alpaca Crypto”) are unaffiliated and neither are responsible for the liabilities of the other.

Cryptocurrency services are provided by Alpaca Crypto LLC ("Alpaca Crypto"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlpacaDB, Inc. Alpaca Crypto LLC is not a member of SIPC or FINRA. Cryptocurrencies are not stocks and your cryptocurrency investments are not protected by either FDIC or SIPC.

Technology and services are offered by AlpacaDB, Inc.

This is not an offer, solicitation of an offer or advice to buy or sell cryptocurrencies or open a cryptocurrency account in any jurisdiction where Alpaca Crypto is not registered.