Alpaca Launches Data API

Data is the backbone of API access to the market, and we have established our very own data product that integrates seamlessly with the Alpaca platform. The idea for us to build our own stack from scratch to consume high-velocity data reliably was born out of a mission to set new standards for data accessibility and aims to empower innovation across the Alpaca community. Our goal is to continue designing delightful APIs for makers and developers to build trading/investing applications and algorithmic trading strategies.

About Alpaca Data API v2

US Stock market coverage

Alpaca’s new data feed is coming direct from exchanges known as SIP. This provides ultra-low latency and high reliability as the data comes directly into our physical hardware located in New Jersey next to market participants. Received from the CTA (administered by NYSE) and UTP (administered by Nasdaq) SIPs, the two combined offer 100% market volume. Another source that is available on the Free plan is provided by Investors Exchange and accounts for 2.5% of the market volume.

Unlimited Real-Time and Historical Data

Designed for developers with a focus on high data accuracy and built around robust systems to ensure data availability. You can use our market data without any constraints via WebSockets for streaming real-time stock data or REST APIs to query data dating back to Jan 1, 2016.

Rest APIs and SDKs

Get started quickly, access datasets in minutes with the easy-to-use API, and build your application in any major programming language you are familiar with. We provide SDKs written in Python, Go, NodeJS, and C#. Some features that you will be using:

  • Trades/latest trade: historical trade data for a given ticker symbol on a specified date
  • Quotes/latest quote: NBBO quotes for a given ticker symbol on a specified date
  • Bars: returns aggregate OHLC historical data
  • Snapshot: provides the latest trade, latest quote, minute bar, daily bar and previous daily bar data for the given ticker symbol(s)

Flexible Pricing Plans for Developers

Alpaca has designed flexible pricing plans around the needs of different types of developers, with the intention of making sure that everyone can find an option that works for them.

  • Free: This plan is included in both paper-only and live trading accounts as the default plan for $0/mo. It is best suited for those who use data less actively and don’t require data from all US stock exchanges.
  • Unlimited: Accessible for both paper-only and live trading accounts for $9/mo. Best for people who want to have unlimited access to data with 100% market coverage (SIP data feed) for US stocks.
  • Business: Internal business use and/or personal use of the professional subscriber for $99/device/mo.
Plans for Alpaca Market Data API v2

Offering data to the next wave of entrepreneurs

A challenge that we saw our earlier partners run into is finding quality financial and market data. Hidden fees, restrictions on the use of data, poorly written APIs and exchange requirements are just some of the factors, in addition to costs, that can make it difficult for new fintech companies to survive. As part of offering an end-to-end brokerage experience via API you can now utilize Alpaca’s own market data. Now with Alpaca you can spend less time worrying about data and more time creating your applications.

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The old v1 Data API will be deprecated 3 months from the launch on August 26th, 2021, so please make sure to update any existing systems to use the new endpoint before that date.

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