SDK Release Notes: February 2022

Alpaca maintains 4 SDKs in Python, TypeScript/JS, C#/.NET, and Go where we ship the latest functionality for Alpaca APIs.

You can install the Alpaca Trade SDK using one of the following language specific CLI commands.

pip3 install alpaca-trade-api      
npm install @alpacahq/alpaca-trade-api      
dotnet add package Alpaca.Markets
go get -u

alpaca-trade-api-python v1.5.1

New Features

  • Python 3.10 is now supported.
  • Updated bars now have their own subscription handler. Use subscribe_updated_bars to receive updated bar data.


  • The Long-Short example algorithm had been outdated for some time.  We’ve fixed some bugs in the example algorithm and it is now functional. Keep in mind you need a premium data subscription to properly run the example.

alpaca-trade-api-csharp v5.2.9

New Features

  • Added support for updated bars subscriptions for both stocks and crypto streaming clients.

alpaca-trade-api-go v2.2.1


  • Fixed the error handling when connection issues arise with the live streaming client.
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