The 2nd Trading Competition Starts on Oct 26th

We are excited to announce that Alpaca is hosting its second virtual Electronic Trading Contest, a four-week-long contest where participants compete against each other in a simulated market using the Alpaca Paper Trading feature. There are cash prizes (Amazon gift cards 🎁) for the winning participants.

After a successful inaugural trading contest last August, we decided to host a second contest with the same objective. Our focus is to expand the community of enthusiastic developers and tech-savvy people around trading. We welcome a variety of trading styles and not just quants algorithmic trading (the TradingView platform is popular among Alpaca users to support algorithmic trading 😎). Our goal for this event is to allow you to explore the crossroads of technology and trading.

With that said, this competition is open to everyone globally, the US and non-US residents 🌍. Join our dedicated Slack channel "2nd_trading_competition"

***The competition starts on October 26th (MON), 2020***

How It Works

1. Enter the Contest

Firstly, create or use an Alpaca account with an email address that you or your team can access the Alpaca Paper Trading feature.

Then, enter the contest by clicking the button in your paper trading account.

2. Track Your Performance

We have built a complete new leaderboard so that you can track your performance in real-time. Participants will be ranked by his/her Equity values.

3. Win Your Prize

For the second Alpaca Trading Competition, the top 3 participants will win Amazon gift cards.

The amount will be $150 for #1, $30 for #2, and $20 for #3.

How You Can Participate

High Level Rules

Please check out the Trading Contest Fine Print - Rules for details. Unlike other quant trading competitions, we do not set any strict algorithm criteria. We will simply measure who generates the best returns during the set period. Participants are free to use your preferred algorithms and strategies.

Trading Contest Fine Print - Rules
Contest rule for the Alpaca Trading Competition, where all the developers, quants, tech-savvy traders can participate globally

We are going to select winners who have the highest Equity value at the end of the contest day. There are multiple requirements, and we ask you not to reset the original Equity balance of $100,000 and require winners to result in positive returns.


(Q) How do I sign up? (A) Create an Alpaca Paper Trading account from here. Sign up for the contest directly on your paper trading account.

(Q) What kind of algorithms are you looking for? (A) This contest does not restrict you from using any specific strategies or algorithms.

(Q) Will you see my algorithm? No, we will not look at your algorithm. Your code is private, visible only to you.

(Q) Do I need to pay an entry fee? (A) No.

(Q) Is there a submission deadline? (A) Yes, you need to sign up for the contest before the contest starts on October 26th market open.

(Q) Does Alpaca offer a backtesting tool? (A) No, we do not offer backtest software. However, Alpaca integrates with several highly-regarded backtest applications such as QuantRocket and Blueshift. Please see the list here.

Technology and services are offered by AlpacaDB, Inc. Brokerage services are provided by Alpaca Securities LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Alpaca Securities LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlpacaDB, Inc.

You can find us @AlpacaHQ, if you use twitter.

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