API & Web-Dashboard Updates, Trade Contest, SDK Updates for alpaca-proxy-agent

We are constantly adding new features in our API as well as in the web-dashboard. These features are to offer more flexibility when using Alpaca products and are to give your more visibility on the web-dashboard as well.

Liquidate a Part of Your Position via API

The position API now accepts a new parameter `qty` in the `DELETE /v2/positions/{symbol}` endpoint.

This allows you to specify the number of shares to liquidate instead of all the shares you are holding which is the default behavior when you don’t specify. Please check out the API reference in the documentation.

Positions - Documentation | Alpaca
Alpaca API lets you build and trade with real-time market data for free.

The same functionality is now available in the Positions Page on the web-dashboard.

Hosting the 2nd Trade Contest (Starts on 10/26)

We are excited to announce that Alpaca is hosting its second virtual Electronic Trading Contest starting on Oct 26 (Monday), a four-week-long contest where participants compete against each other in a simulated market using the Alpaca Paper Trading feature. There are cash prizes (Amazon gift cards 🎁) for the winning participants.

For detail, please visit here.

2nd Trade Contest - 10/26 Monday
The second Trade Contest is starting on Oct 26 (Mon), a 4-week-long contest where participants compete in a simulated market.

Balances Page on the Web-Dashboard

A new page, Balances Page, has been added to give you more visibility about your account balances. This page shows detail information about your cash position, maintenance margin requirements, RegT vs day trading buying power etc for real time and beginning of day.

This update comes with a minor change in the Positions Page which now has a pie chart to visualize the ratio between your cash position and stock values.

SDK Updates

We have added support in several SDKs for alpaca-proxy-agent which allows you to run multiple strategies in parallel under one websocket. Please see the project on Github and step-by-step how to set it up here.

And there are more SDK updates as well!

Contribute to shlomikushchi/alpaca-proxy-agent development by creating an account on GitHub.
Run Multiple Algorithms on Alpaca - Alpaca Proxy Agent (Part I)
Showing you how to run multiple algorithms on Alpaca using the Alpaca Proxy Agent and one websocket.

Python SDK 0.51.0

In this release, we add support for the alpaca-proxy-agent.


  • Add a new simple stream example to demonstrate how to use the streaming service. It's under examples/
  • Cleaner look for the documentation (README file)
  • Explain exactly how to use get_barset()

JS SDK 1.4.2

In this release, we add support for the alpaca-proxy-agent.

Also, a fix was added to example code: long-short.js

pylivetrader 0.5.1

In this release, we make this project compatible for the alpaca-proxy-agent.


  • mchanged can_trade to be more resilient
  • fixed minor issues with the smoke-util

backtrader-api 0.11.0

In this release, we add support for the alpaca-proxy-agent.


  • Fix issue in which a custom order id was not stored with the order object
  • Update the url for live trading (wasn't set)
  • Enhance the sample code and fix constants
  • Update trading_calendars

Go SDK 1.6.2

In this release, we add support for the alpaca-proxy-agent.

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