New API Features & Dashboard Updates, Quantopian-Closing

Last month, we launched multiple API features and dashboard updates. Also, after hearing about Quantopian closing their services, we decided to take a proactive approach to support the community to ensure the migration process.

API Features

Canceling Open Orders When Liquidating with Positions API

Many users have provided us feedback that it is important to have a quick way to cancel all orders when requesting liquidation of open positions. We have just added this capability in the Liquidation API with an additional parameter called cancel_orders=true. If you specify this, order cancel is performed first before liquidation is performed.

See more details in the Positions API page for the reference.

Filter by Symbols in Orders API

To respond to user requests, we have implemented a new parameter to filter orders by symbol names. If you specify the symbol parameter, the list response is filtered to only orders with the specified symbols. You can specify multiple symbols by delimiting by comma such as “AAPL,SPY”

See more details in the Orders API page for the reference.

Trailing Stop Orders - How To

Trailing stop orders are one of the newest advanced order types that we added recently. We added code snippets for this order type in the Order Example page.

Dashboard Updates

We have added a bunch of information about your positions and balances as well as account settings in one place under “Account” in the left menu.

Configure various settings for your account here
View statements here
Check out the detailed view of your balance here

Quantopian Closing

After we heard about Quantopian closing their services, we have been in close contact with the community to understand how to best support this transition and how to make it as smooth as possible.

For this, we announced Zipline-Trader supporting multiple brokerages including Alpaca and IBKR in order to offer a suitable and sustainable replacement for users that want to run their algorithmic trading on their own using open source tools without relying on online services.

Please read this post for more information.

Supporting Quantopian Users to Make Transition
Quantopian is closing, and Alpaca launches Zipline-Trader to support the community to make smooth transition.


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