Please see below the CQS/CMS differences:

Security Categorization CQS (Line) CMS (Host)
Series <v> .<v> .<v>
Series <v> Called .<v>.CL .<v>CL
Series <v> Convertible .<v>.CV .<v>CV
Series <v> When Issued .<v>w .<v>WI
Preferred Series <v> p<v> .PR<v>
Preferred Series <v> Called p<v>.CL .PR<v>CL
Preferred Series <v> Convertible p<v>.CV .PR<v>CV
Preferred Series <v> When Issued p<v>w .PR<v>WI
Second Category of Preferred pC<v> .PRC<v>
Warrants Series <v> .WS.<v> .WS<v>
Called .CL .CL
Certificates .CT .CT
Convertible .CV .CV
Contingent Value Right .CVR .CVR
Convertible Called .CV.CL .CVCL
Dividend to go "ex-distribution" .DP .DP
Dividend per share, net of expenses .DV .DV
Emerging Company Marketplace .EC .EC
Estimated cash amount for creation unit .EU .EU
Foreign News .F.N .FN
Index .ID .ID
Intra-day Net Asset Value per share .IV .IV
Net Asset Value per share .NV .NV
Partial Paid .PP .PP
Part Called .PT.CL .PTCL
Preferred p .PR
Preferred When Issued pw .PRWI
Preferred Called p.CL .PRCL
Preferred Convertible p.CV .PRCV
Preferred When Distributed p.WD .PRWD
Rights r .RT
Rights When Issued rw .RTWI
Small Corporate Offering Registration .SC .SC
Stamped .SD .SD
Current shares outstanding .SO .SO
Special .SP .SP
Total cash amount per creation unit .TC .TC
Intraday test message .TEST .TEST
Tier II Securities Example .TT .TT
Units .U .U
Variable Common Rights .VR .VR
When Distributed .WD .WD
When Issued w .WI
Warrants .WS .WS
With Warrants .W.WS .WWS
Warrants When Issued .WSw .WSWI

<v>: represents a character from A-T & V-Z
        except for "Second Category of Preferred," where it is from A-K & M-S

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